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Steve Zamek

Blast-Off !!!

December 20, 2017
A wildlife spectacle occurs every winter in California’s central valley, where huge numbers of waterfowl spend the winter. By visiting any of the National Wildlife Refuge...
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How to Remove a Pincer

November 21, 2017
A favorite food of Hooded Mergansers is crayfish (aka crawfish or crawdad). The birds swallow these small crustaceans whole, but they must first remove the two pincers, a...
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Frenetic Feeding Behavior

August 19, 2017
Watching a Brandt’s Cormorant feed its young can be quite surprising, even alarming for first time viewers, as the technique (at least for more mature chicks) can seem so...
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Gannet Courtship

July 21, 2017
On a recent vacation in eastern Canada, I made sure to include stops at two of the largest Northern Gannet nesting colonies in North America: Bonaventure Island in Quebec...
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Kite Courtship

June 09, 2017
White-tailed kites, besides being among the most beautiful raptors in North America, are especially enjoyable to observe when they perform their elaborate courtship ritua...
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Curious Owlet

May 20, 2017
I've lately been visiting a Great Horned Owl nest near my house, keeping tabs on the lone owlet (and its mother) as it grows up. On two visits I noticed an Anna's Humming...
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A Fledgling Learns to Feed

April 16, 2017
The Verdin, a common bird of the Sonoran Desert, frequently feeds on the flowers of the Ocotillo plant -- not by gleaning insects (their typical diet), but by piercing th...
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In Boston even beans do it *

January 19, 2017
As a fan of bird behavior, I would not consider this blog complete without a collection of photos of birds mating. Here are images of a few species which I caught in the...
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Feasting on Fish

September 21, 2016
Elegant Terns, like many other fish-eating birds, dive into the water from above to catch their prey. Witnessing these birds demonstrating their aerial and “swimming” ski...
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Western Bluebird Nestlings

May 22, 2016
I recently discovered a family of Western Bluebirds, where the parents were actively feeding their young. The shooting conditions were not ideal, but I did my best to cap...
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Bird Food

January 24, 2016
What do birds eat? Have a look below... Butterfly: Big fish: Little fish: Lots of fish: Dragonfly: Sparrow: Flower: Nectar: Acorn: Vole:...
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Pesimmon Picnic

December 13, 2015
As persimmons ripen in December, here in the Bay Area, birds flock to feed on the sweet fruit. The feeding opportunity for a given tree typically lasts just a few days, d...
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