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Our first bird of the trip! A cute little Piping Plover found at Fort Desoto Park.Another nice find on our fist afternoon: an American OystercatcherAmerican Oystercatcher, feedingThat's our rental car.  We're all enthralled by what we see. What do you see?Northern Cardinal, atop the mirror of our rental carThe Cardinal sees, in his reflection, a competing male intent on invading his territoryThe Cardinal attacks the "intruder"The attack continues until we move the carRaccoon, looking for foodBrown Pelican, taking flightOsprey, with fishOsprey, feeding on fish tailWaiting for the sun to come up at Circle B Bar Reserve -- a cool 41 degreesJill & Jane, wearing every stitch of clothing they brought alongLimpkin, enjoying the view at Circle B BarLimpkin, crossing the roadLimpkin, with snailWhite IbisWhite IbisWhite Ibis, calling