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Welcome to the Feather Light Photography Blog.  Look here for photos documenting unusual, noteworthy, or simply amusing bird behavior. I hope you enjoy it.

Steve Zamek

Burrowing Owl Family

June 28, 2018
I was recently lucky enough to observe a family of Burrowing Owls. There were 8 young birds and 2 adults, although not all are are seen at once in the video below. I've s...
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Feeding Time for Peregrine Chicks

June 07, 2018
A pair of Peregrine Falcons have set up their nest not far from where I live, providing an opportunity for observation and photography. The parents have chosen a fine loc...
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Curious Owlets, v2

May 17, 2018
Here's a cute video of some Great Horned Owls (a mother with her chicks) as they watch swallows flying about their nest. The young birds are generally rather lethargic du...
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The Fallen Owlet

May 16, 2018
Every year, around February, we greet a pair of Great Horned Owls. The first sign is finding the mother sitting on the nest day after day, patiently tending her eggs and...
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Feeding a Young Woodpecker

April 10, 2018
I ran across this old video which I think is pretty cute. It captures a Nuttall's Woodpecker nestling (nearly ready to fledge) being fed by its parent.
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Bubbling for Babes

April 08, 2018
Of all the North American ducks, the Ruddy Duck exhibits, in my opinion, the most interesting courtship display. The male duck slaps its bill against its breast feathers,...
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Cormorant Courtship

April 02, 2018
I recently had the opportunity to visit a nesting colony of Brandt’s Cormorants. As expected, the birds were busy collecting nest material, bickering, mating, and perform...
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Blast-Off !!!

December 20, 2017
A wildlife spectacle occurs every winter in California’s central valley, where huge numbers of waterfowl spend the winter. By visiting any of the National Wildlife Refuge...
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How to Remove a Pincer

November 21, 2017
A favorite food of Hooded Mergansers is crayfish (aka crawfish or crawdad). The birds swallow these small crustaceans whole, but they must first remove the two pincers, a...
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Frenetic Feeding Behavior

August 19, 2017
Watching a Brandt’s Cormorant feed its young can be quite surprising, even alarming for first time viewers, as the technique (at least for more mature chicks) can seem so...
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Gannet Courtship

July 21, 2017
On a recent vacation in eastern Canada, I made sure to include stops at two of the largest Northern Gannet nesting colonies in North America: Bonaventure Island in Quebec...
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Kite Courtship

June 09, 2017
White-tailed kites, besides being among the most beautiful raptors in North America, are especially enjoyable to observe when they perform their elaborate courtship ritua...
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Curious Owlet

May 20, 2017
I've lately been visiting a Great Horned Owl nest near my house, keeping tabs on the lone owlet (and its mother) as it grows up. On two visits I noticed an Anna's Humming...
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A Fledgling Learns to Feed

April 16, 2017
The Verdin, a common bird of the Sonoran Desert, frequently feeds on the flowers of the Ocotillo plant -- not by gleaning insects (their typical diet), but by piercing th...
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In Boston even beans do it *

January 19, 2017
As a fan of bird behavior, I would not consider this blog complete without a collection of photos of birds mating. Here are images of a few species which I caught in the...
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