In Boston even beans do it *

January 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

As a fan of bird behavior, I would not consider this blog complete without a collection of photos of birds mating. Here are images of a few species which I caught in the act.


Black Oystercatcher:

Black Oystercatchers, matingBlack Oystercatchers, matingPacific Grove, CA

Clark's Grebe:

Clark's Grebes, matingClark's Grebes, matingClear Lake, CA

White-tailed Kite:

White-tailed Kites, about to mateWhite-tailed Kites, about to matePalo Alto, CA

Wild Turkey (look closely for the female's head):

Wild Turkeys, matingWild Turkeys, matingLos Altos, CA

Hooded Merganser:

Hooded Mergansers, matingHooded Mergansers, matingSan Francisco, CA

Black-necked Stilt:

Black-necked Stilts mating; the male hops atop the femaleBlack-necked Stilts mating; the male hops atop the femalePalo Alto, CA

Brandt's Cormorant:

Brandt's Cormorants, matingBrandt's Cormorants, matingCarmel, CA

American Avocet:

American Avocets, matingAmerican Avocets, matingPalo Alto, CA

Tree Swallow;

Tree Swallows, matingTree Swallows, matingSierra Valley, CA

Lauging Gulls:

Laughing Gulls, matingLaughing Gulls, matingRockport, TX

* The title of this blog post was borrowed from a Cole Porter tune, sung here by Ella Fitzgerald.


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